With over Ten Years Experience as a Print and Digital Designer, you can be confident together we can create exactly what you are looking for.

Daniel Jarman
Magazine Design

Magazine Design

When it comes to magazine design I would say I know it inside out, with over ten years working in the magazine sector I have produced over a hundred publications. I have worked on a wide range of consumer and B2B magazines. Which include; Motoring, Historical, Aviation, Flight Simulation, Sport, School and Fashion to name a few.

With this wide variety of titles I have gained an abundance of experience and knowledge on layout, typography, styles and markets. I like to research into the market so I can gain an understanding what the reader wants. Every magazine is different so it is important to make them stand out and unique and keep up to date with the latest styles and trends.

I can design minimalist and clean layouts or in contrast busy and layered spreads to suit the target market and overall style, or a mix of the two. My overall style is balanced, with strong typography and layout. I like to make an impact particularly on opening spreads and covers by using illustrations and textures.

I can complete the whole process for you starting with layouts, colour corrections of images, word or style corrections and finally sending PDFs to printers. So you can feel comfortable knowing you can leave the complete design process in my hands with a quality end product.
So if you require a quick and quality turnaround then I can deliver that.

  1. ▪ Over Ten Years Magazine Experience
  2. ▪ A Fair and Reasonable Page Rate
  3. ▪ Quick and Quality Turnaround
  4. ▪ Reliable and Dependable

If you would like to discuss working on a magazine project together then drop me a line at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk

Branding and Identity

Branding and Identity

Branding relates to the emotional relationship between a customer and a business. Identity is the look and feel of a business. They are two separate things but interlinked, along with the logo design.

If you need a complete identity change but have an established brand or on the other hand have no evident identity and need a starting place then this is something I can offer. Together we can achieve something original, something that stands out. I have started up businesses from scratch giving them a brand and identity, which includes logo design, colour schemes, fonts and the overall feel to what they want to project to their customer, with this starting place you can go on to produce anything from business cards to e-commerce websites.

I can get your business up and running and give you a platform. We can develop those initial designs working closely as a team. Once you have established your brand and what you want to portray we can work on the style of your brand, this is where I can make your business stand out, look professional and giving you the edge.

We can establish the target market, trends, styles, projections, outcomes all combined to give you the business you are looking for. Making the right cosmetic changes will have a huge impact on your company. I will keep it simple, a strong brand but with a stylish and unique identity.

  1. ▪ Original and Unique Brand Identity
  2. ▪ Make your Business Relevant
  3. ▪ A Brand that has Longevity
  4. ▪ Logo, Colour Scheme and Fonts

If you would like to discuss working together on a brand identity then drop me a line at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk

Logo Design

Logo Design

There are not many more pleasurable things than coming up with a good logo design. The logo is a major part of its brand and identity, using in its simplest form with the use of a mark or icon in which the viewer should have an emotional connection to the brand, it should be recognisable, memorable and adaptable.

A good logo is one that sticks in the mind as you pass by, in which the viewer makes a connection to and feels comfortable and confident in. A person or customer's view of a company or brand can be decided solely on there logo, with a poor logo it can lack quality and professionalism.

Within my career I have produced a number of effective logo designs ranging from smaller local companies to large scale International Companies. If you are just starting a business and would like a logo to get things off the ground or an established business looking to freshen up an existing logo then I can help you.

  1. ▪ Simple, Powerful and Memorable
  2. ▪ A Logo that is Adaptable
  3. ▪ Small or International Businesses
  4. ▪ Experience with a Number of Projects

If you would like to discuss working together on a logo design then message me at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk



If you are looking for a magazine advertisement, web banner, poster design or any form of advertising then I can offer you whatever you need to suit your requirements.
With my experience gained in publishing and retail I have the skill set to promote any product or event, from clever and illustrative to simple and to the point there are a number of ways to advertise.

Your services or products can be promoted through effective image-based advertisements, web banners, or social media opportunities. We can create impact and directed advertising suitable to your appropriate target markets to enhance sales.

With clever marketing and advertising, it can really make a difference and boost sales. A strong visual message is key. By working closely together with you every step of the way I can produce something that can really make a difference and sell your products.

  1. ▪ Magazine Advertisements
  2. ▪ Web Banners
  3. ▪ Poster Design
  4. ▪ Eye Catching Publicity

Message me If you would like to discuss working on any form of advertising at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk


Brochures, Leaflets, Business Cards and Promotional Material

Original brochure design, business cards, leaflets, posters, flyers or any other related printed material, together we can produce something unique to showcase your business, product, service or event in the media which works best.

I have a catalogue which includes; International Airshow Programmes, NHS Posters, Agricultural Show Promotional Material, Restaurant and Take Away Menus and Billboards.

Whether it be a big or small project I am happy to discuss any ideas you have.

  1. ▪ Brochures, Leaflets, Flyers and Menus
  2. ▪ Original Business Card Designs
  3. ▪ Simple and Balanced Layout
  4. ▪ Work Closely together as a Team

Message me if you would like to discuss working together on a print based project at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk

Book Design

Reference Book Design

Over the last ten years I have produced a number of book designs, I have also created book covers, either the whole package, including illustration or picture enhancement or the styling and layout of typographic ingredients and imagery.

Within my portfolio I have examples of book designs including a 650 page reference book plotting the history of the largest man-made lake in Britain, Rutland Water. This project entailed working with over twenty writers and an editorial team who possessed specialist knowledge but required design direction and specialist input.

  1. ▪ Illustrative Cover Design
  2. ▪ Typographical Cover Design
  3. ▪ Quality and Professional
  4. ▪ Quick Turnaround on Work

If you would like to discuss working on a book project together then drop me a line at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk

Web Design

Web Design

I have developed and produced live projects utilising Magento, Wordpress and other CMS platforms.
This website has been all designed from scratch, showcasing my knowledge and understanding of building a responsive mobile friendly website.

I can offer you a website which I can style, develop and tune to your company's identity for promotional purposes.
I can work with Individuals or Small Businesses to create something unique and that can get your business started online and publicized.

Working closely together we can develop to your specific requirements, I can give you initial wireframes and imagery, so you can get a feel for what you are getting, once you are happy with the designs and layouts I will proceed in creating your bespoke website.

  1. ▪ I can create a Promotional Website
  2. ▪ For Individuals or Small Businesses
  3. ▪ Bespoke Original Designs
  4. ▪ Quick and Responsive Website

If you would like to discuss working together on a website project then drop me a line at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk

Wedding Invitation

Other Stuff

If you are looking for a bespoke Wedding Invitation design then I can help. I have a number of years experience in picture enhancement so I can create a montage that includes whatever you would like for a completely different visual approach. Alternatively, you may want a simple but stylish typographic invite.

Aswell as invitations I can create stickers, table place cards and order of service all in your own style, be different from everyone else and have something unique.

Another thing i can offer is picture colour enhancement, modernising a black and white image into a coloured image which I have used a lot when working on an historic magazine publication, bringing old images to life. Or you may require some simple colour enhancements on some poor images that need touching up.

  1. ▪ Bespoke Wedding Invitations
  2. ▪ Placement Cards and Stickers
  3. ▪ Colour Enhancement on B&W Images
  4. ▪ Picture Colour Enhancement

Anything else you would like to discuss working together on then message me at info@danieljohndesign.co.uk